Divorce doesn't have to equal devastation for you and your kids.

To be perfectly honest,  there’s no magic bullet. No matter how much you want to protect or shield your children, divorce will be hard.

However how hard it is, is up to you.  Right now YOU are your kids best chance for making it to the other side of this BIG family change happy and secure.

Getting your kids through the rough spots takes more than love. There will be times when you will have to dig deep, swallow your pride, look past what feels unfair, find ways to compromise, handle awkward situations with integrity, let go of old hurts or bite your tongue. While you may be very committed to your kids, keep in mind that willpower alone won’t get you there. In order to be the parent your kids need you to be, you need support.

If you’re feeling unsure and overwhelmed about how to handle what lies ahead, you don’t have to go it alone.

Whether you’re newly separated, never-married and parenting on your own, in the throes of a high-conflict divorce or years down the road, I can help you get to where you want to be.

Here are a couple of options for working together.

Schedule a one-time consult

Ever wish you could just pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands what you’re dealing with?
Now you can.

Sometimes situations crop up where all you need is a quick check-in.  If you’re at a crossroads or looking to get direct feedback, a laser-like coaching session can help you get a fresh perspective and move forward. During a focused call with me you can get your burning questions answered and take away realistic strategies for handling sensitive situations.

Choose me as your coach

I love doing short-term one-on-one work with parents. If you are committed to doing right by your kids and interested in moving life forward in a positive way, we’d be a good fit.

How long we work together is up to you. My goal as your coach is to get you what you need and on your feet in the shortest amount of time possible.


Have questions about  how coaching can help? Take a quick peek at my  “what is coaching? ” page.


 If you’d like to know what working with me is like sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation.  To get the ball rolling  just fill out my session request form and I will be in touch with you quickly.



Check out my book PARENTING APART

Check out my book PARENTING APART

This book is pretty much an A-Z guide on how to tackle the most common parenting problems divorce throws your way.

You can buy a copy online with Amazon or BN.  If you’d like to get a try it before you buy it, you can download a sample chapter or take a peek at the table of contents.

Managing a tight budget? Ask your local library if they have a copy or if they would be willing to order one. You can also score used copies on Amazon for a deep discount.

Visit divorce and children

Visit divorce and children

divorce and children is where my blog lives. It has a wealth of information on common struggles separating and divorcing parents face.

From what to say when you have that first big talk to managing discipline differences or what to do when your Ex just won’t let up. Feel free to drop by and check it out or  you can also hit me up on facebook and  tap into a wealth of co-parenting wisdom from our amazing fb community.

Sign up and Get a Guide

Sign up and Get a Guide

Sign up for my list and you’ll instantly receive a pdf download of my 12-page resource guide + other helpful stuff occasionally.

It’s full of suggestions on books, services and where you can find help for both you and your kids.

No stuffing your inbox, no annoying promotions or salesy pitches. ever. promise.


Book me to speak

I’ve been speaking publicly about divorce and children for over 15 years. I offer keynotes, breakout sessions, as well as, full or half-day trainings for parents or professionals .

I’m also available to facilitate community screenings/events for the children’s divorce documentary,  SPLIT.

Please to get in touch, I’d love to know more about your event.

Hire me as a subject expert/consultant.

I have extensive experience working with organizations on collaborating, developing programs, creating specialized resource materials, leading outreach initiatives and designing trainings.

If you are interested in making a difference for children of divorce and their families, I would love to talk with you and explore possibilities.  Feel free to look over samples of my past projects.

My background includes:

  • Helping organizations identify needs, develop a plan and implement strategies
  • Rallying support both internally and externally
  • Executing a project from start to finish
  • Creating a plan that generates sustainability while building for future growth.